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7 Responses to “Re-Visiting Eden”

  1. Mordechai says:

    I’ve watched Paul’s film “Back to Eden” several times in amazement.
    Thank you for explaining his system and the logic behind it in a clear and simple manner. The photos are great.
    For those of us who have difficulty getting access to wood chips, I’m wondering if leaves would offer similar benefits?

    • jeanne says:

      Mordechai…leaves are a great place to start. Leaves. Needles. Sticks. They all decompose and hold moisture for a time. The thicker the layer of leaves, the better, as they’ll break down quickly. The advantages of the wood chips, though, is that they’ll need to be replaced less often and they make it a little easier to plant. Scraping away the top layer of wood chips is effortless–or at least at Paul’s place it is, where digging through a matted mass of leaves may not be so. Chips will also hold more water and decompose at a slower rate.

  2. Kalen Glenn says:

    I am inspired as well by Paul’s garden, how wonderfully simple! I am having great growing success with covered soil, our Peas are going crazy.

  3. Pattsy Dayley says:

    Thank you for the insite to “Back To Eden Gardening”. I started mine in July of 2012 and am loving it. I never have to pull weeds. I still am having to water about 3 times a week as we live in the desert and it’s still in the 80’s during Thanksgiving. We are loving our greens. I haven’t pulled my chips up close yet so I might need to do that.

    Thanks again.

  4. Sue says:

    It also helps that Sequim is in rain forest country. 🙂

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