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The Gift of Joy

Two and a half months ago, we planned our trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

Only we didn’t mention a word to these guys. Not a peep. Not a hint.


Which meant that when we showed up in the Great Wolf Lodge parking lot  Thursday night instead of where they thought we were going, they went silent. Could it be?

Was it safe to hope?

And when they realized it was…one screamed, one started babbling, and one panicked thinking his swim trunks were still at home.

And in that alone…it was worth it.

For 24 hours hours these guys turned themselves into chlorinated raisins.

They scurried with wet feet to brace beneath the bucket…

For this.

They swam and smiled. Smiled and swam.

They Tarzan-ed over lily pads…

Burst from lighted tunnels…

And shivered right into the hot tub.

“Was it fun?” the lifeguard asks.

And their faces answer for them.

“Was it the best thing ever?” I ask.

And again, their faces answer for them.


3 Responses to “The Gift of Joy”

  1. Bethany Grasley says:

    Love it!!

  2. Carolyn Moore says:

    This is one of those special posts that comes straight from your heart to mine — straight from your house the my living room. I smiled, I cried, I remembered raising my special
    sons and I prayed that other moms and dad’s would head the example you are to other
    Thankful — Carolyn

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