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The Recipe for Love

I rounded the stairway yesterday to see two kids tottering atop bar stools, one with a string of cut-out paper hearts half-attached to the wall above the front door and one proudly holding the tape.

“We’re making valentines,” they beamed.

“Valentines.” I repeated.

I shuffled down the hallway, noting the new wall decor.  Hearts at eye level. Hearts in the living room. Hearts with penciled pictures of our family. Hearts that might have waited another month.

But didn’t.


I smiled at their scissory efforts. But I didn’t join in. Instead I moved a piece of paper off the couch before I sat. A paper that came with no distinction. No I-made-this-just-for-you-mom. It just was. A piece of paper.

Until I read its words once. And then again with my sleeve handy.



1 Me

1 You

Stir together…bake for 5 minutes…

and you get… (open the oven door)



Happy Valentine’s Day!




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  1. May your children’s hearts have this bend all the days of their lives.
    Ever so sweet!! Thanks for making a good day – perfect.

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