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Recipient of Joy

My son’s spontaneous laughter in a quiet van confused me at the wheel. Was he crying? I couldn’t tell.  I raised my voice and triple glanced over my shoulder. “Are you all right?” I called. ” Is something wrong?”

“I was just thinking of something funny,” he said. And he choked on another laugh.

“There was a cat in a diaper on a flying rug…” he began.

But he laughed so hard having said these words aloud that the story stopped there. And only the laughing continued.

Solo laughing.

Solo laughing until… for no reason–except the sound of my happy son– I felt my own smile grow wider and I let a small chuckle escape.

For half a mile more he laughed and I chuckled. And then he sighed…

“I just love bringing joy to other people.”


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