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Oh, friend…if you like coconut even a smidge, then you know that something divine happens when coconut gets sweetened and then bathed in dark chocolate.

The heavens open up and sing. GLOOOORRRY!

When we gave up store bought candy and stuff in wrappers years ago, I didn’t stop loving the taste of coconut and chocolate. I just resigned myself that since it only came in a candy bar, I was better off without it.

Two months ago, I found Carrie Vitt’s website, Deliciously Organic, and on it her recipe for homemade Almond Joy candy bars. I could hardly stand it. And I had to–at that moment–grab two kids and hunt down unsweetened coconut at the nearest store.  What I love about Carrie’s recipe is that it’s simple–mix this with that, then dump on this. It’s pure–it has four ingredients.

And it’s fantastic.

You don’t need much.  Just these: unsweetened coconut, organic maple syrup, organic coconut oil, DARK chocolate and the optional almonds.

01 30 13_0031

First thing…we need 2 cups of unsweetened coconut poured it into our food processor.

If you’ve ever tasted unsweetened coconut, you’ve probably not mentioned it. It doesn’t taste like much–not even coconut.

01 30 13_0032

To the coconut we’ll add 1/3 cup of good quality maple syrup.

01 30 13_0035

Then we’ll lid the food processor and let these spin until they’re thoroughly combined–which might mean stopping once to push down the sides with a spatula.

What happens here is amazing.

01 30 13_0036

Coconut that once tasted like air now tastes like–get this– coconut. Sweet and rich.

01 30 13_0038

On the stove, we’re going to create a double boiler by heating a pan of water and then placing a glass bowl inside..

This is where we’ll melt our 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with our dark chocolate.

01 30 13_0040

Like so.

Now, while the two are melting…

01 30 13_0042

We need to form our coconut into mounds.

This works best for me when I get enough coconut on a soup spoon and push it against the side of the food processor.

01 30 13_0043

Then with the palm of my left hand, I press it into the spoon until it really clumps together.

01 30 13_0044

Then I slide it carefully off the spoon–hoping it doesn’t crumble– and onto  my cookie sheet. I’ve put my coconut mounds on a baking mat, but wax paper or parchment paper or even a bare dinner plate would work, as we’re not baking these.

01 30 13_0045

When we’re done, they’ll look something like this.

This is the time now to press an almond into the top of each, if an almond would make your heart sing.

Almonds don’t do a thing for me, so mine are bare.

01 30 13_0047

Now, I doubt our coconut mounds will flop if we don’t allow them to freeze for a few..

BUT…if we can, we want to put our mounds into the freezer for five minutes or so to firm up. It just makes putting our chocolate on them a bit easier.

01 30 13_0048

All right…chocolate’s ready. Coconut mounds are ready.

I’m ready.

01 30 13_0050

The idea is to get chocolate on these guys however we can.

I hold mine and spoon chocolate over the top and then place them back on the cookie sheet.

01 30 13_0051

And I don’t even bother with the bottoms.

01 30 13_0052

When they’re all coated, I freeze them for another five minutes before serving. Or I forget that step altogether and behold the glory immediately.

Savor these, friends. One at a time.


If you’re curious about the 15 ingredients in the Hershey’s Mounds candy bars, you can  Click here.

01 30 13_0054

Homemade Mounds/Almond Joy Bars

Equipment: food processor, sauce pan, glass bowl, baking sheet, freezer


2 cups unsweetened coconut

1/3 cup organic maple syrup

1 Tablespoon coconut oil

4-6 ounces dark chocolate

Optional: almonds

Directions: In a food processor combine coconut and maple syrup. Scrape sides as necessary. Using a soup spoon, form mounds of coconut, pressing the coconut into the spoon with your palm. Slide finished mounds onto a baking sheet. Press an almond into the top of each mound, if desired. Allow to cool in freezer for five minutes.

Heat water in a sauce pan on the stove. Place a small glass bowl in the sauce pan to create a double boiler. Melt coconut oil and chocolate in the glass bowl.

Remove coconut mounds from freezer. Use spoon to coat mounds with chocolate. Freeze again for five minutes, unless it proves very necessary to try one immediately.

Store extras in lidded container in the freezer.


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