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A Piece of Kauai

We’re back from vacation.

Which…in every sense, feels as though I need a vacation…like a six hour nap followed by an early bed time.

Because it’s work. This vacation thing.  And it’s fun. And it’s every level of exhaustion in between…which is why, “how was your vacation?’ cannot be answered in a single word. Or five.

The thing was, we loved it. We loved Kauai. Loved its limitless beauty. We loved its rogue roosters and its people–both completely unruffled. And friendly. And we loved that their friendliness rubbed off on the rest of us, such that in our leaving, even, we are kinder than we came.  I’m sure of it.

Here’s our son on the plane in Seattle. We haven’t moved an inch. But he’s honed in on the ‘special’ bag and has told me all he knows about it. “Food goes in there,” he says.

And I nod. Because it’s okay for him to be halfway right this time.


03 07 13_1996

The welcome sign was probably over the top, as we felt welcome the moment we saw the sun.

.03 07 13_2006

And let’s just say it’s not so difficult to discern between those leaving the island and those just arriving from their winter cave.

Hello pasty white.

03 07 13_2002

Here’s the Tunnel of Trees on the south end of the island as we headed to Poi Pu. Breathtaking the first time. And never boring after that.

03 07 13_2008

We stayed here…at the Lawai Beach Resort, clear on the southern end of the island…

03 08 13_2061

Which looked like this on the inside… (Never mind the three on the lanai who’ve dropped their bags and their drawers and ripped into their swimsuits in a new island record. Four seconds).

03 07 13_2018

And like this on the outside. This is looking left from our lanai.

03 12 13_2330

This is looking right.

03 12 13_2329

And this is looking straight out.

That’s the ocean. Um. Right there. Across the street.

03 12 13_2327

We ditched our shoes at the door. Just like everyone else.

03 12 13_2326

And then went and checked that ocean out.

The water temperature did not matter.

To some.

03 07 13_2028

It was enough to simply be here. In the sand.

03 07 13_2032

This is Poi Pu Beach–just down the road. And without announcement this turtle emerged from the ocean and drug itself with the strength of an ox several yards through the sand before closing its eyes to rest. Nobody blamed him.

03 07 13_2047

And then the sun set.

03 07 13_2043

Not a lot of people were itching to play mini golf first thing in the morning.

Just those who rose at 5:30 a.m. and had eaten twice before the thing opened.


03 08 13_2054

And weirdly…it was fun…

03 08 13_2058

By week’s end, we didn’t even notice these guys. But for the first few days they seemed out of place.

Or we did.

Because they’re everywhere–like in the Walmart parking lot–and nobody flinches.

03 08 13_2064

They’re at the beach.

03 08 13_2065

By the car.

03 10 13_2188

And under foot.

03 10 13_2184

But…chickens aside.

This is Lydgate Beach. A place we spent a bunch of time. And mostly because of those rocks in the back of the picture. They cut off the waves and formed a giant swimming pool, which made it easier for kids to fiddle in the water without getting swept away.

03 08 13_2084

While he dug…

03 08 13_2077

She clomped away to see a fish.

03 08 13_2067

As first timers, we emptied a tank of gas trying to absorb as much of the island as we could.

This is a beach on the eastern shore.

03 08 13_2105

And it had the same effect on them.

03 08 13_2106

It had to be touched. And smelled. And flopped in.

03 08 13_2107

Also…each day had a farmer’s market scheduled somewhere on the island in some parking lot.

Here’s her first coconut.

03 08 13_2109

And his.

03 08 13_2110

And here’s the rest of the bounty.

Fresh bread. A bundle of beets. A grape fruit. Apple-bananas. Longans–the things in the white bowl. Corn on the cob. Jicama. And  a mango, a papaya, two mountain apples and two star fruit all in the center bowl.

03 09 13_2153

These are the longans. They grow on trees in people’s yards…not wild.

What you do is bite into it to break the skin. Pull one side of the skin off and then suck the jelly center out.

03 09 13_2156

It’s got a hard seed in the middle of it that you don’t want to eat, but the fruit comes off easily with your teeth

It tastes like…like honeydew.

03 09 13_2158

These are rambutans. And once you break open the Truffula tree-like outer shell, their centers look just like the inside of a longan.

Only they’re sweeter. And they taste…exotic?

We miss these already.

03 11 13_2265

This is another farmer’s market a few sunburns later.

And this is the lei he could not part with.

03 11 13_2264

That’s a lemon.

03 11 13_2263

And this is what most of the markets look like–people selling fruit and vegetables right out of the backs of their cars.

Produce goes quickly. And no one barters the price.

03 11 13_2262_edited-1

The is the Secret Beach on the northern shore.

Probably one of the prettiest…

03 12 13_2358

And most dangerous this time of year.

03 12 13_2361

The waves didn’t just cuddle up to the rocks. No. They smacked the daylights out of them.

03 12 13_2362

And so with greater care, we out ran the waves.

03 12 13_2364

And we tried to get air between them

03 12 13_2367

Until with great reverence for the power of the ocean, we hiked back up that ‘hill’ a half hour to the car.

03 12 13_2357

Hanalei valley.

03 12 13_2374


03 12 13_2333

Kid tryin’ to shake a coconut from a palm tree.

03 08 13_2092

Where I could spend every day.

03 08 13_2090


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  1. Linda H says:

    Very nice!! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. Kauai is beautiful. Looks like you all had a great time. I hope you were able to soak in a lot of sun. Now that you are back it may be awhile until you see the sun again. Welcome home.

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