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Birthday Love

This one.

The one who parts my hair with his fingers when I pull the covers to his chin. And who shouts from a crowded line of boys, “I love you, mom!” and blows kisses that my heart catches. The one who still reaches for my right hand with his left when we stand close. Anytime. Anywhere.

He turned six today.


03 16 13_2843

And he didn’t ask for much.

Just for waffles…

03 23 13_2825

And for time together–“just you and me mom”– playing games.

03 23 13_2827

And so we did. We played.

Played and laughed.

And I poured love into my boy. Filled his tank with love.

03 22 13_2839

Until his sister raced him to the swings and dallied outside with him.

And filled his reserve tank with notes and things she’d made with yarn.

03 23 13_2837

Until his daddy got home and tickled him to the floor. And chased him behind the couch and down the hall.


And it was enough.

To be loved.


It was enough.


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Silas. You are definately a growing up fast Man-Child!!

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