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Should We?

Sometimes…the question isn’t, how will we rise again or how will we overcome? But rather should we rise? Again.

Is it worth it? This rising? This daring to live, this choosing to be alive, to trust…when living and trusting bring pain.

They say that pain grows us. Changes us. In some direction. But are we softer, wiser, kinder? Or are we closer to the bottom—closer to…to more pain?


Is pain bad? Is the bottom falling out on life bad? Or are these things kind teachers?

Could it be here—at the bottom–that we realize our fists are clenched with emptiness and anger? That all we’re holding tight to is all we never wanted.

So should we… let go? Unfurl our fingers?

Dare we?

Because this unfurling might free us. And if we’re free, we might choose to rise.

And if we rise, dear Jesus, we might…we might choose to live.

For the very first time.


2 Responses to “Should We?”

  1. Linda H says:

    After reading your blog I’m a little concerned about you. Are you O.K.? Is there anything I can do for you?

    • jeanne says:

      I’m Okay. Thanks, Linda. Some days just don’t make sense…which is when we end up on our knees…the place we probably should have started.

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