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Celebrating Him

We’re a weepy bunch.

And it started yesterday with my husband who was brushing a sleeve over his eyes when he stepped in from the garage. He waved away my fear. Nothing was wrong. “It’s just…” He half-laughed, half blew his nose. “It’s just the last time I’ll be picking him up from school and I want to walk slowly with him.”

This morning my boy in his argyle sweater, the one hidden away in the top drawer for a special occasion, flung his arms ’round my waist and burst with a proposal. “I love you so much, mommy,” he said. “I just want to marry you.” And my heart swelled.


Today isn’t Mother’s Day or even special sweater day. But Graduation.

Graduation from Kindergarten. For this one.

05 31 13_3513

Which might mean that in twelve years we’ll look back at this crowd and gasp about how tiny they really were. We just don’t see it now.

05 31 13_3519

Because today…they’re big. They’re six. They’ve lost teeth, turned their pants to highwaters, stuttered out real sentences, and slept all the way through the night.

They’ve memorized the Pledge of Allegiance, mumbled My Country Tis of Thee

05 31 13_3521

And impressed us all with the words to Your a Grand Ole Flag.

05 31 13_3529_edited-1

And so…

It’s time to graduate.

To say ‘goodbye’ to Kindergarten and the teachers who loved on us for two and half hours a day. Monday through Friday. September to May.

05 31 13_3539

To celebrate in a blue gown with a zipper we can’t keep our hands off of and with a white piece of paper we know is important but can’t quite read.

05 31 13_3544

And to stand one more time with our friends. The ones beside us. The ones who want to be army guys and police officers, artists and house builders.

And who one day may become all they aspire to be.

05 31 13_3551

And so we are…proud of this one…

05 31 13_3556_edited-1

And this one…well. He’s just happy there was food at the end.

05 31 13_3560


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