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Vacation Countdown

I’ve kept my eyes peeled these last seven days. Watching him. Her. Them.

And for each of their sakes, I’ve tried to see it all. A kid in a kayak. A kid balancing on a stump in the water. Two kids flying off the pool deck with goggles on–For the forty-seventh time. An underwater handstand. A driftwood teepee. A putt-putt hole-in-one…or hole-in-whatever.

I’ve kept tabs on the keys to the car. The keys to the condo. Grandma’s UNO cards. Where he flings his wet swim trunks. Her retainer. What’s for lunch.

But the laundry soap? Not so much.

Which means she’s sleeping in her swimsuit. And he’s making do in a pair of sweats.

Tomorrow, though they’ll drag their bags to the car in disbelief that our week here is over, and I’ll be piling them in with relief that we made it. That I made it. Made it without Husband who couldn’t make it, but wanted us to have fun anyway.



I suppose we did.

For about four minutes…it was enough to just be here. To trade our rain for someone else’s.

06 24 13_3701

To be satisfied with even a streak of sunshine.

06 24 13_3693

But then when the sun took a three-day hiatus, and we burped hot chocolate, lit fires and zippered ourselves in fleece, we realized–eventually–that none of that mattered. Not the drizzle. Not the clouds. Not the goosebumps.

Not so long as there was driftwood. And sand.

06 24 13_3702

And a log to saddle.

06 24 13_3710

A log for two to saddle.

06 24 13_3712

Sometimes fun meant getting new hair. Or having none at all.

06 24 13_3739

Sometimes fun could be enveloped in a single word, drawn with hearts around it. Cousins.

06 24 13_3743

Or in the independence of our own kayak.

Though we might have lasted ten minutes at a stretch.

06 26 13_3774

Or four or five minutes in the canoe.

06 26 13_3778

But of this…

We could never tire.

06 26 13_3779

Rocks on log on water on sand.

06 26 13_3780

Bottom on log in water with stick.

06 26 13_3781

Because this is happiness.

A whole mess of driftwood.

06 26 13_3785

And so is this.

Cousins to share it with.

06 26 13_3787

And it doesn’t matter what you share.

A canoe.

06 26 13_3793

A sandbox. A hide-a-bed…

It’s just better with cousins.

06 27 13_3802

But when it’s only us again.

With our driftwood.

06 27 13_3804

And our paddle…

06 27 13_3809

The lake…

06 27 13_3814

And the sand…

It’s still pretty good.

Good enough that we’ll miss it when we’re gone.

06 27 13_3823


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