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We’ve been a little bit of everything.

Awed by the work of the rain gutters.

06 29 13_3905

Dejected on the beach. If that’s possible.

06 30 13_3892

Overly-elated at our balancing abilities.

06 30 13_3899

Undeterred by the thunder and cloud cover on a not-so-105 degree day.

07 01 13_3868

And I mean…

07 01 13_3869


07 01 13_3870

We’ve been so happy…

07 01 13_3874

We don’t care who knows about it.

07 01 13_3873

And we’ve been at peace. Hunkered in a tube…

07 01 13_3886_edited-1

With a hundred others.

07 01 13_3889

We’ve been far–far away in a book.

07 02 13_3826

A couple of times.

07 02 13_3835

Drained by the cacophony of urban camping.

07 02 13_3827

And been thrilled to be alive, scraping cereal with a plastic fork out of bowl the size of a dog dish.

07 02 13_3829

But today…today at 10:23 a.m. When a certain plane lands in Wenatchee. A plane carrying Husband. And Daddy. A plane allowing us to converge after twelve days a part, we’ll be weepy and unrestrained and pretending we’re not either of those. I mean. We could celebrate with fireworks.

But. Then…

They’ll already be bursting from our hearts.


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  1. Bethany Grasley says:

    This is awesome Jeanne!! I so LOVE your blog!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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