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Silver Falls 2013

In retrospect, it may have been wiser to have sat in the shade somewhere and sucked on ice chips.

Or tossed ourselves in the lake. Or opened the freezer door at a mini mart and stared at the ice cream. For an hour.


It’s hard to know what ‘wiser’ is when the ability to think checks out at 90 degrees.

Which is how or why we drove ourselves 32 miles up the Entiat River Road to Silver Falls in the 104 degree heat. Hiking made sense at the time. Sort of.

07 02 13_3840

The last three summers, I’ve stood my kids against the Silver Falls sign and clicked the camera. We’ve got pics with baby teeth, no teeth, one huge beaver tooth, short hair, little legs. We’ve even got a kid with the same shirt on from the year before.

And for what it’s worth, I love the sign pics. Love them better than I love the dated pencil marks on my kitchen wall. It’s the tangible changes in their faces. I just…I just don’t tire of them.  I couldn’t. Not this year. Not next.

And I’d wanted to do the same this summer–lean the kids in front of the sign–but the sign was over there. And we were here.


Actually. It was hot. And these rocks right beside the van trumped any sign across the parking lot.

07 02 13_3842


What’s great about this hike is that the good stuff isn’t just at the end. It’s at the beginning, too.

07 02 13_3843

And the middle.

07 02 13_3844

And at little places along the way.

07 02 13_3849

As often as the trail takes us away from the falls, it brings us back…

Fully normal.

07 02 13_3850

Which is why we’ve got water.

07 02 13_3851

And hats. And a walking stick taller than ourselves.

Whatever helps.

07 02 13_3854

And then, in an hour’s time plus some, it’s before us—-the top/the end.

Which, I suppose, is really more of the same. More sticks.

07 02 13_3856

More water.

07 02 13_3861

More rocks.

07 02 13_3862

But none of that gets old.

It doesn’t. It can’t.

Not this year.

07 02 13_3863


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