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Summer Tea

The weather doesn’t tease so much in eastern Washington. It doesn’t dangle cloud cover and fifty degrees like a red bullfighter’s cape and then whip it away at four o’ clock.  Ta Daaa.


In eastern Washington, it’s either blue sky and on it’s way to hot. Or already hot with blue sky.

But here. Not so much.

Which is how it happens on some western Washington summer mornings that these two light up about tea.

As in having tea.

Together. In dinky tea cups in the living room. And with all the other dinky pieces that hold things like a cracker or a berry.

And which is how he ends up in a long sleeve and a sweater vest and pair of jeans that don’t touch his ankles…

07 10 13_4045_edited-1

And she in some number fresh from her closet.


07 10 13_4046_edited-1

Because it’s tea time.

And because for fifteen minutes on a sixty-three degree day we can clink and slurp and forget the sun is somewhere else.

07 10 13_4048_edited-1


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