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The Gift of Camping

You know.

It isn’t about the camping– the deflated air mattress beneath my sleeping bag and my son’s foot jammed across my neck and then his arm. And it isn’t about the mosquitoes. Dear God…the mosquitoes.

And it isn’t about wading to my ankles in “Lake Ice Cube.” Or bailing to the van in a thunderstorm at 3 a.m with children who never even heard the thunder in the first place and wouldn’t have awakened to the lightening if it had zapped our tent.

It isn’t about contemplating another hot dog, hobbling 200 yards to the potty at midnight, a kid confessing he never brought a toothbrush, smearing skin in a sixth layer of insect repellent and sunscreen–neither of which seem to be working, or dining from a cooler whose ice has disappeared like a sad magic trick.

It isn’t about this. Because if it is, leave me at home.

But there’s more. More of the stuff that really matters.

More learning. More love. More connection. And this…this is camping.

So what we’ve done is met up with friends at Lake Wenatchee. Moms and kids. No men. At least none of our men. Our men have graduated from tent camping (like…long before we met them) and all but smirk as we drive away with the kids and coolers to sleep on the ground for three nights.

07 16 13_4155

But it works. This moms and kids thing. Because it grows us.

07 17 13_4151

 It takes mere seconds for us to remember our buddies from last year.

07 16 13_4159

Seconds to become inseparable.

07 16 13_4162

And it is like that. For days.

Where one is, the other isn’t far.

07 15 13_4191


Always close.

07 16 13_4158

But there is down time too.

07 16 13_4166

And fire time.

07 16 13_4167

A time to make smoke.

07 16 13_4168

And a time to get smoked out.

07 16 13_4170

Sometimes the food is pat-yourself-on-the-back worthy.

07 16 13_4180

And sometimes it’s, well, another hot dog.

07 16 13_4175

Sometimes connection happens around the fire pit.

07 16 13_4176

And sometimes it’s in the 34th game of UNO.

07 16 13_4181

But always, there is something to smile about.

07 17 13_4097

And always something to do.

Even if it means kids putting together their own play.

07 17 13_4100

Or being the ones to watch said play.

07 17 13_4102

Or simply sitting side by side. For this moment. Right here.

07 17 13_4104

There’s hiking, too.

The trail to Hidden Lake isn’t far, and so we climb…

07 17 13_4108

Until we’ve made it to the water…

07 17 13_4112

And stood on the rocks we can see below the surface.

07 17 13_4117

We claw our way up a fallen tree.

07 17 13_4113

Allow the fish to gnaw on our toes.

07 17 13_4118

And balance on trees half in, half out of the water.

07 17 13_4133

Some of the greats have fallen.

07 17 13_4122

And some are on their way.

07 17 13_4129

But the joy is in the company…whether on tree.

07 17 13_4136

Or rock.

07 17 13_4140

Or back at camp with a match.

07 17 13_4142

Because when one succeeds…

07 17 13_4144_edited-1

We all succeed.

07 17 13_4145

And glory in the trophy.

07 17 13_4148

Then there’s this.

The thing no one sees coming. But it does. Come.

And we blink back tears when our small boys find a big boy. Or vice versa. Only it’s more than finding each other. It’s accepting each other. As is. Him and me. Me and him.

07 17 13_4149

And then…as with anything, an end always comes.

07 17 13_4153

And so we gather for a picture of our unshowered selves.

07 18 13_4070

We share one more private conversation.

07 18 13_4072

And we say ‘goodbye’ to the ones we already miss.

07 18 13_4076

Until next year.

07 18 13_4078


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