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Chia seeds.

Almost a household name now.

Or not.

But four months ago, while passing Christopher McDougall’s book, Born to Run, back and forth across a six hour flight, Husband and I first read “chia seeds” and puzzled over what one might even look like.

We shrugged. But then by the end of the book Husband was moved enough to buy himself some of those five-finger toe shoes and rethink running. And chia seeds.

You see, what McDougall discovers is that this hidden tribe of superathletes living in Mexico used the long-lasting energy of the chia seeds for endurance. Something, I suppose you need when foot racing 50 miles at a time. For fun.

But even if you’re just huffing around the block or thinking about vacuuming some day, these seeds are energy enough for that too.

What the tiny, black chia seeds do is grow in liquid and turn into a consistency like jello. What they taste like is, well…nothing. Which for all their benefit is why they get added to smoothies and such.

Even jam.

But think no sugar. And no pectin. And pretty soon we’re not thinking about freezer jam at all.

Until this recipe.

Here’s all we need: strawberries, rhubarb, honey, and chia seeds. A blender. And a jar to store the jam.

07 23 13_4252

When our strawberries are washed, we need just 1 1/3 cups of them. About half of what’s here.

07 23 13_4254

And we need 2/3 cup of rhubarb. About twice what’s here.

07 23 13_4256_edited-1

It’s easiest to dump both the rhubarb and the strawberries into the blender and then add to them the TWO tablespoons of chia seeds…

07 23 13_4257

And the TWO tablespoons of raw honey.

07 23 13_4258

And nothing more.

All we do now is step back and blend…

07 23 13_4260

Until what was chunky and red is now smooth and pink.

07 23 13_4261

When we’ve scraped the sides, we get about a 1/2 pint…

07 23 13_4262

And a little extra.

07 23 13_4265

Which works out just fine, since we’ve got a graham cracker…

07 23 13_4266

And somebody dying to dip it.

07 23 13_4267

This is a treat, friends. Eat it with a spoon. Or save it for your toast.

Strawberry-Chia Seed Freezer Jam

1 1/3 cups strawberries
2/3 cups rhubarb
2 Tbsp. chia seeds
2 Tbsp. honey

Blend all ingredients together. Store in a jar in the refrigerator or freezer. Yield 1/2 pint. Or so.


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