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The View from High Hut

A year ago. And some. We slodged up to High Hut.  Kids clomped alongside us in snow boots the first mile, zig-zagging from water trickle here to the top of a snow pile there. Until it was all snow. And the road…all up. And there were still three miles to trudge. Trudge or drag. And we did both. The pictures I took from behind were like connected dots–Husband in the middle and a kid’s hand clasped in each of his. Which is how we made it up. Together.

That. And a lot of snacks. And a little singing. And probably other stuff, too. But. Anyway.

The thing is, the experience was unforgettable.

And so when we planned our trip back on the last day of August, we knew we wanted to stay the night in the Hut. Not just flop on the bunks inside and wish we were staying.

Which meant–casually–carrying more stuff. Like food. And something to sleep in. And extra undies. Which was fine. Until we realized how much of that stuff was going on our backs. And just who was carrying it.

08 31 13_5086

This one was not carrying much.

08 31 13_5081

And the one on the right wasn’t either.

08 31 13_5087

And since no one was up for hefting four sleeping bags to the top, it quickly became believable that the kids could be warm in a blanket. Apiece. Like the ones they’re carrying on their backs.

08 31 13_5088

We were one mile up and one water bottle down by the time we stopped at this sign.

Just 3.7 miles to go.

Three point seven miles with a big, fat pack suddenly full of unnecessary items.

08 31 13_5089

Here’s takin’ a break 1.5 miles from the top.


08 31 13_5093

And here’s really taking a break.

08 31 13_5094

Then it’s more of this.

08 31 13_5096

A moment for this.

08 31 13_5097

And a roadside full of these.

08 31 13_5098

If we hadn’t turned around to encourage the kid with heavy feet, we might have missed the mountain slowly opening up behind us.

08 31 13_5099

Because you can’t see it walking this way.

08 31 13_5101

Not until you’ve rounded the last corner and have scrambled another half mile to the sign on the straight-up away. The sign you’d consider hugging, if you had anything left in you.

08 31 13_5114

But two hundred yards from the sign, we’re there. At High Hut. With the potty on the left, the hut on the right…

08 31 13_5116

And a massive mountain on the other side.

08 31 13_5117

This one. Sweet Rainier.

All of her. Right there.

08 31 13_5103

And there are words, but they all fall short.

08 31 13_5104_edited-1

Words like ‘grace’ and ‘beauty’ and then somebody shouting, “look at the mountain!” As if we weren’t.

08 31 13_5106

Half a turn to the right and it’s this jagged Sawtooth Range.

But keep on twisting, and it’s Mt. Adams behind another closer peak, St. Helen’s wrapped in haze and range after range after range of mountains, each fading in color like the sunset.

08 31 13_5118

Back down the road a quarter mile…

08 31 13_5113

There are huckleberries. Ready and ripe. And so we pick, until bending over even without a pack feels like we might get stuck in that position.

08 31 13_5109

Another hand of UNO?


08 31 13_5122

Because it’s here.  With this backdrop. Which feels more real than unreal.

08 31 13_5127

And because it does something. This mountain.

08 31 13_5130

Or maybe it’s not the mountain at all, but the quiet surrounding the mountain that does something. Something that makes us feel like we belong here.

08 31 13_5138

And that the stuff and the noise an hour and a half away are just that. Stuff. And noise.

08 31 13_5146

In just hours, the sun begins to slip.

08 31 13_5160

And what was bathed in light folds into the shadows.


08 31 13_5158

Everything, in fact, is ready for bed.


But these two.

08 31 13_5162

I’d tell ya that I woke to see the sunrise, and maybe I did. But it sure felt like I was awake and waiting for the sunrise…

09 01 13_5028

After soothing this one back to sleep.

09 01 13_5037

But there it is, the morning light.

09 01 13_5041

And there they are–two kids with no memory of the night’s charades.

09 01 13_5042

Breakfast. With berries.

09 01 13_5043_edited-1

A jaunt to the ridgeline…

09 01 13_5044

Which is right below the hut…

08 31 13_5149

To see Mt. Rainier wearing a cloudy sombrero.

09 01 13_5047

And then it’s home. For all of us. For the ones who slept. And for the ones who didn’t.

09 01 13_5048

For the ones who will walk the next day. And the ones who will walk…just barely.

09 01 13_5050


3 Responses to “The View from High Hut”

  1. Linda H says:

    Very nice Jeanne,

    Thanks for sharing, Linda

  2. Carolyn Moore says:

    Jeanne, I can’t believe the amazing affect this post has had on me. I wish I had the fortitude to make this treck but thank you for doing it in my place so that I could see the magesty of our mountain and imagine your each and every step, only pretending they are mine.

  3. Nikki C. says:

    Must go now – Gorgeous pics

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