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Before the Rains

Back before fall was here. Summer was. Really. Like sunshine and eighty degrees–once or twice. All that.

But the rains have come.

And they’ve begun to wash away the memory of summer’s sun. As if it never was.

But I remember. Because I need to.

I remember celebrating our anniversary this year. Thirteen years. On the calmest day Tacoma’s waterfront had to give.

08 09 13_4581

Clinging to a paddle board with my toes.

08 09 13_4583_edited-1

I remember Dash Point Park with cousins.

08 27 13_5007

And how quickly the afternoon snuck away.

08 27 13_5008

Because afternoons do that sometimes. Sneak by. Even when all you want to do is freeze the moment…

08 27 13_5013

And be here. Right now. Forever.

08 27 13_5018

I remember him wanting to carry the backpack. By himself. Every step.

08 17 13_4903

And then doing it.

08 17 13_4915

And her halting to record this moment. Or the moss. Or another tree.

08 17 13_4913

I remember the blueberry farm.

08 16 13_4932

Where empty buckets didn’t dangle useless long.

08 16 13_4938

Not with branches like these…

08 16 13_4949

And where a full bucket brought pride…

08 16 13_4953

And joy…

08 16 13_4957_edited-1

And complete delight.

08 16 13_4959

I remember the sunshine.


I remember.



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