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Joy at the Table

There were years in a row that we were at my parent’s house for Thanksgiving. Sometimes pulling in on Wednesday night in time for the pizza run. And sometimes bailing from the car at noon on Thursday just in time for grace and passing the yams.

Then there were a couple of messy years where nobody knew what to do. And some came. And some didn’t. And Thanksgiving was more broken than it was together.

But not this year. 

Before we’d even double-parked in my parent’s driveway, it was evident that God had redeemed Thanksgiving.

And not just Thanksgiving, but each of us. He redeemed us.

Redeemed us from the inside out. Turned our relationships on their head.

And left us humbled by a Thanksgiving we can’t soon forget.


Unexpected days with cousins meant that these two didn’t waste a minute apart.

11 28 13_5970

Nor did these two.

11 28 13_5972

It meant a pile of grandma’s Tinker Toys could draw a crowd.

11 28 13_5973

And a game of Trash could include anyone not staring at a Black Friday ad.

11 28 13_5974

It meant that whether you cross your eyes or guzzle your wine, you were invited. There was a spot for you at the table.

11 28 13_5976

Because Thanksgiving is for everyone.

For the toothless in last night’s pajamas.

11 28 13_5977

The photo bombers.

11 28 13_5978

And those with mashed potatoes sliding out of their smiles.

11 28 13_5982

Thanksgiving is for cousins with custom beards.

11 28 13_5983_edited-1

For red whiskers.

11 28 13_5984

And brown ones.

11 28 13_5985

And not-even-touch-your-face ones.

11 28 13_5986_edited-1

It’s for cousins who’ve swapped 13 for 35. And who don’t resemble the rest of us anymore.

11 28 13_5988_edited-1

Post-Thanksgiving is almost the same.


Post-Thanksgiving is for a brother who brushes your hair in the morning.

11 30 13_5931

And for a proud peek at a sister’s restaurant.

11 30 13_5937

It’s for a seat on a hayride.

11 30 13_5945

And your mug on a Christmas tree.

11 30 13_5948

It’s for shopping for the right tree with the right price.

11 30 13_5949

And realizing that this one isn’t it.

11 30 13_5950

Nor are these ones.

11 30 13_5952

But this one. Yes. This one’ll do just fine.

11 30 13_5954

Post-Thanksgiving is for thawing at the fire pit.

11 30 13_5956

For realizing the non-smile is the new smile.

11 30 13_5959

And for being grateful for every moment of our intersected lives.

11 30 13_5960


2 Responses to “Joy at the Table”

  1. Linda H says:

    I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I enjoyed seeing you all.
    Very nice, Thanks for sharing, Linda

  2. Colleen AlMousawi says:

    You have such a wonderful way with words! Thank you for brighting my day with your words. You need to print your blog out to keep a family log…. at least for the kiddies. Keep them coming, really I think you need to do a book! So happy to see you had a FUN, relaxing Thanksgiving!
    hugs, Colleen

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