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It did not occur to her until today to read her Bible on her own. To find her way to the book of John, the eighth chapter and read silently to herself.

Only now that she has, she can’t keep it to herself and exclaims from the couch, “WOW! This is really good stuff.”

When she looks up, her brother and I are staring.

And so on our cue, she recounts the story from chapter eight of the woman caught in adultery. “They were going to stone her,” she says. “And Jesus. He says to the men with stones, that whoever of them hasn’t sinned, well, he can throw the first stone.”

We wait. Her brother and I.

“Annnd,” she adds,  She is shaking her head.”They all leave. Every one of them. The men. They get how guilty they are.”

There is awe on her lips. “I can’t believe it,” she says reverently. “I can’t believe Jesus figured it out.”

She looks from me to her brother. Then her eyes drop.”It’s just,” she whispers, “I don’t think I would have known what to say.”


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