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I can tell you what’s better than two hands on my face in the morning asking what’s for breakfast.

It’s being able to tell those two hands that breakfast is already on the counter.

Yep. Already made the night before.

Two months ago, when we were catching a squeaky-early flight to Florida, we ate this breakfast for the first time. Disclaimers bubbled off my lips expressing that if nobody liked breakfast, it was okay. We were just trying something new. And we were in a hurry. And. Mommy wasn’t going to stand around washing pans while everyone else left for Florida.

Well. Nobody choked it down.

They devoured it. And came up for air with phrases like, “this is really good!” And. “Is there any more?”

As well, over Thanksgiving, cousins and grandparents, gave this a wary try. Wary because soaked oatmeal isn’t the prettiest sight, and just saying “soaked oatmeal” weirds people out or raises hackles. But upon the first taste, we had young nephews’ eyes lighting up and their arms holding their bowls out for seconds. And adults casually asking, “now tell me what’s in this again…”

It truly is simple. And if you have five minutes or less the night before to put it together, here’s what you’ll need.

Old fashioned oats (organic, if you can), almond milk (we use the sweetened vanilla kind), chia seeds (though they’re not imperative), apples (only if you’d like).

12 09 13_6039

We’ll start with roughly two cups of oatmeal. It may not look like much here in the bowl, but as we add stuff to it, the whole thing grows into something that will feed 4-6 people.

12 09 13_6040

Then we’ll add the apple, slicing it tiny and tossing it in.

One apple is probably plenty.

12 09 13_6042

Nothing too strange yet.

12 09 13_6045

Then the chia seeds.

I admit we didn’t know a measly thing about chia seeds until reading the book, Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, who talks about the hidden tribe of superathletes who get a heap of energy and endurance from chia seeds. “Hmmm. Chia seeds,” we said. And filed it away as an interesting fact. Until they started showing up in stores.

The addition of chia seeds here is subtle. We can use them or omit them. The difference, though, is in the time it takes our stomach to growl. Something about these tiny seeds that gel when they’re in liquid that seem to make the energy from breakfast stretch out a bit longer.

We always measure in about two tablespoons.

12 09 13_6046

And then we add the almond milk.

About two cups. Enough to make it look like it’s all swimming in there.

12 09 13_6047

And then it all gets stirred.

12 09 13_6048

And left on the counter overnight with a piece of plastic wrap over the top.

12 09 13_6049

Now what happens in the next several hours is that the oats and the chia seeds soak up the milk. No surprise there.

But on another level, much of the phytic acid in the oats is being broken down by the milk and making the oats much easier on our gut to digest.

Here’s what our breakfast looks like in the morning.

12 10 13_6024

And here’s what these guys think of it.

12 10 13_6026

Nobody suffering here.

12 10 13_6027

Nope. It be all gone.

12 10 13_6029

Oatmeal Chia-Seed Breakfast

1 1/2 to 2 cups organic oats
1 apple, sliced in tiny bites
2 Tbsp. chia seeds
2 cups almond milk

Stir all ingredients together in a large bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and leave on the counter over night. Sleep in, if you need to…because breakfast is already ready.

Serves 4-6 people.


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  1. Jan says:

    Jeanne, I found something called Qi’a Superfood , Chia, Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal. Cranberry Vanilla. It is great with Greek Yogurt. Serving size is 2 tablespoons. I just use 1 to make it go further.

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