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The Call to Live

Sometimes… All you need is a single mustache with handlebars. To figure out you’ve got a party.

05 02 14_6628

Because in the time you can sputter out a lung…one becomes two.

05 02 14_6631

Becomes two more

. 05 02 14_6633

Until everyone…

05 02 14_6638

Including Grandma…

05 02 14_6629

And those who already have whiskers of their own…

05 02 14_6635

And those who haven’t heard of peach fuzz yet…

Have mustaches.

05 02 14_6636

Sometimes, it takes a mustache to understand your real calling may have been to sell used cars.

In a leisure suit.

05 02 14_6634    

And sometimes, for posterity, of course…you ‘cheese’ at the camera. Just you, your friend, and your two mustaches.

05 02 14_6655

Until you realize there’s a third mustache behind you. Doing its own thing.

05 02 14_6656

Which is just as well…

05 02 14_6657

Because you haven’t split a gut like this in three years.

05 02 14_6658

Because that’s the thing about mustaches…

05 02 14_6645

They change you.

05 02 14_6646

Or maybe, it’s that in five clicks of the camera, they find you.

05 02 14_6647

Or rather, it’s that you let yourself be found.

05 02 14_6648

And you let yourself forget…

For just a moment.

05 02 14_6649

That your dear friend, the one holding your child like his own–the one your kids call Uncle Joe, will be the next to conquer cancer.

05 02 14_6661


3 Responses to “The Call to Live”

  1. Kim Frey says:

    Amen! Because laughter cures lots of things. So do friends! Thank you for being great friends!!!

    We love you guys and it was wonderful being with you!

  2. Kim Frey says:

    Amen! Because laughter cures lots of things and so do friends! You guys are great friends! It was great seeing you and being together again.

    With all our love,
    Kim & Family

  3. Litza Olsen says:

    Great photos…sending blessings to the Frey Family. Love, the Olsens

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