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These Eyes

It’s my eyes.

They don’t tire of his arms stretched around her shoulders.

05 06 14_6681

Or of hers around his.

05 09 14_6723

Or of all of them an inch apart around the table.

02 20 14_6356

They don’t even tire at the stuff I thought would make them tire. Of him casually tickling the daylights out of her while no one’s looking.

05 09 14_6728

Or of her contorting one way. And him the other.

When a “normal” picture is clearly too much to ask.

05 09 14_6729

They do not tire. These eyes.

Because it is not the fuzziness of the photo they see anymore.  But the arms. Slung over the neck and around the waist. Holding, claiming, loving.

And it is enough. This wordless love.

It is enough.

05 09 14_6730_edited-1


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