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When You’re Rich

The thing about being rich is that sometimes we don’t even know we are.

We get in the forest and the darn trees we came to see get in our way.

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Which may be why we get confused about wealth.

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We think it’s about the coins in our pocket. Or rather, the ones that aren’t there.

And we grow long faces forgetting that money can’t buy, will never buy the kind of riches we already have.

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The bounty is everywhere we turn.

In these arms.

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And these arms…

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And these ones…

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Riches so great…

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We need only peek at the hand on our shoulder or around our waist to know how deep and wide our treasure is.

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Remember Jesus. How he didn’t drag behind him a bag of currency, doling out coins to the needy, ending homelessness with a word from his mouth.

And he could have.

How he wasn’t born into “wealth.” And yet. He didn’t live in limitation. And how he doesn’t want us to either.

Jesus came in Love, with Love, to Love.  Because he is Love. And the Bible says that with his hands he healed and restored broken bodies, broken lives. His hands.

Now add faith to that. Which is probably the hardest of all. Believing that my hands, my arms, my shoulder beside yours can make a difference.

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But they can. Especially when we realize that true wealth comes from the inside. It always has.

Which means we can experience it anywhere.

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On a tennis court with a kid who used to be half our size.

05 25 14_6868

In the dry hills on a gray rock wishing we’d packed more water.

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Or on a pair of wobbly skates preparing ourselves for our future fall.

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Because it’s knowing, beyond knowing that wherever we are, we have treasure from Heaven here on Earth.

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2 Responses to “When You’re Rich”

  1. Heide M. says:

    Jeanne you touched my soul on this!

  2. Jackie says:

    As usual, no one can put it into words better than you!

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