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Making Naked Eggs


There’s no real reason you should try this.

Unless you want to. And because you have two days. And because you figure what would it hurt to see if you really could disintegrate the shell right off an egg leaving it, well…naked.

More or less.

Which is how we ended up with eggs in glasses of vinegar. We had two days. And. We liked the ring to the word “naked.”

06 19 14_7157

For the whole experiment–we’ll call it that–you don’t need much. Just an uncooked egg placed carefully in a glass with white vinegar poured over it.

What we noticed is that vinegar gets down to business. All those bubbles on the egg are already making a hissing sound.

06 19 14_7158

Now, you don’t have to sit and around and babysit your eggs. But if you wanted to, they might look something like this.


Like eggs in glasses of vinegar. Heh.

06 19 14_7160

Still…it’s a little more lively than mowing the backyard with a pair of scissors.

06 19 14_7164

Because even in two hours, the egg shell softens enough that we can make indentations on it with the back of a spoon.

Then sometimes, the egg’ll have its own agenda. Like spinning. You’ll be watching the thing, not even poking it, and behold, it’ll roll over like a dog.

Which’ll prompt you to watch it a little longer… Maybe.

06 19 14_7165

Twenty-four hours later, though, this is the egg.

A half-smooth/half gritty thing.

What we’ve done is emptied our vinegar completely and ultra-carefully rolled the egg into our hand. The shell is broken down some, but it’s got a ways to go.

Where that little divot is, the shell is entirely eaten away.

06 20 14_7136

What we do now is rub as much of the shell away with our fingers and wipe at it with a paper towel.

Our egg was brown a day ago.

Not so much now.

06 20 14_7138

And, it’s a bit bendier than before.

06 20 14_7139

Day two. Same thing.

Eggs get placed into the glasses again with fresh vinegar poured over the top of them.

And they get watched. Or they don’t.

06 20 14_7140


Look at this…

Forty-eight hours after we first submerged our eggs into vinegar, we have an egg that literally has no shell.

06 21 14_7181

All we’ve done is gently caught our egg, as we emptied the vinegar from the glass. And we’ve wiped the egg dry with a paper towel.

06 21 14_7182

There isn’t much to do now except hold it up in the summer sunlight with your winter coat on.

06 21 14_7183


And ogle over your precious naked egg.

06 21 14_7184


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