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It looks harmless.

Because ten years ago it was harmless.

07 05 14_7245

It was simply what you see. One team squatting low with a water balloon in their blanket…

07 05 14_7241

Then doing their darndest to fling the thing across the net…

07 05 14_7242

To these guys who are trying to ease the water balloon into their blanket without busting it.

07 05 14_7243



07 05 14_7252

And try to catch.

Without mowing over a child. Or losing a shoe.

07 05 14_7248

Or leaving a hamstring behind.

07 05 14_7257

Which is why things aren’t as harmless as they used to be.

Because we’re not thirty anymore. Or even thirty-five.

And because every whip of the blanket is the likely reason we can’t raise our right bicep in the morning.

07 05 14_7256

And why every tangling of our own feet while yanking a blanket attached to three others is the reason our back muscles wonder if we didn’t dive down a flight of stairs in the night.

07 05 14_7244

But really…what do a bicep or a bunch of back muscles matter when all they do is make you smile about how it is…

07 05 14_7250

That you got to be so sore?

07 05 14_7254


One Response to “Water Balloon Tossing 202”

  1. Gail Redberg says:

    Did we teach you water balloon volleyball or did you learn it on your own? Your description is perfect! I miss the games we used to play together.

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