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Always More.

I once thought my heart was full with these two.

Because I didn’t know.

07 14 14_7375

Didn’t understand that the heart has room for more.

07 14 14_7378

Always more.

07 14 14_7380_edited-1

That there is no limitation on love…

07 14 14_7381_edited-1

No scarcity.

07 14 14_7382

No half-full accounts.

07 14 14_7385

Not when the God of Love, who is Love…

07 14 14_7386

Makes it possible for this finite heart–the thing thumping in my chest–to gather each one of these to me. Like my own.

07 15 14_7406_edited-1

To look at these four and be overwhelmed…

07 15 14_7407_edited-1

By how good God is.

How amazingly good.

07 16 14_7396

To know that if each day were like tripping uphill on a soapy piece of plastic, God would still be good.

Still faithful.

07 16 14_7397

Still in control.


God never changes.

Doesn’t check out. Doesn’t look away when one of us is face down…

07 16 14_7401

Or upright.

07 16 14_7403

Or somewhere in-between.

07 16 14_7405

Rather. His love for us is infinite. And everywhere. And sometimes…sometimes–when we’re six inches from the water, or we’re running across the concrete with a pair of goggles on, or we’re in our seventh game of UNO, or we’re chasing a cousin with a scooter, we begin to understand what it means to be loved. What it means to love.

Someday we may even understand God’s promise.

“I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.

“Plans to prosper you…

07 17 14_7414

And not to harm you.

07 17 14_7423

Plans to give you hope. And a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

07 17 14_7426

It may be remembered by each kid as the week we swam with our cousins.

But it will reverberate within me as the summer God poured his love and his favor upon us.

And forever changed the size of my heart.


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