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It’s that rut we carve for ourselves. Driving the same road, to the same park entrance, to hike the same trails, to see the same views. Which, when it comes to Mount Rainier, ain’t all that bad.

It’s like parting our hair on the same side. Today. And forever.

Until we don’t.

Until through a friend’s inspiration, we find ourselves seventy-five miles from home on the opposite side of the mountain staring super-heroically at its backside.

07 25 14_7445

This is Sunrise.

Or rather the hairpin curve before Sunrise–the destination before the destination–where everybody fumbles for their cameras to gawk at God’s awesomeness.

That peak in the center is Little Tahoma. Spectacular from this side of the mountain.

07 25 14_7443

And looking down the opposite side of the hairpin is this. And these.

Thousands of individual tooth picks.

07 25 14_7449

Almost to Sunrise now.

This will be the best we see the mountain for the clouds.

07 25 14_7452

And this.

This is where our trail begins. Or everybody’s trail. Seems anyone going anywhere begins here.

We’re headed to the Fremont Lookout Trail, which will separate from this main trail in 1.5 miles.

07 25 14_7453

Now, if we bother to look to our left…

07 25 14_7454

Or look up at all…

07 25 14_7455

Or even just park it a second to breathe…

07 25 14_7458

We’ll be awed by God’s detail in even the rocks.

07 25 14_7459

This is Frozen Lake. Which, with the clouds rolling in, isn’t in any hurry to thaw.

07 25 14_7462

Around a couple more bends is the sign for the Mount Fremont Trail.

07 25 14_7496

Now the only thing clear at this moment is that where we’re headed, the sky won’t be.  Clear, that is.

07 25 14_7466

There might be a mountain up ahead.

We just won’t be seeing it.

07 25 14_7467

But at our feet our these.

07 25 14_7469

And a whole bunch of these.

07 25 14_7470

Yards and yards of these.

07 25 14_7471

And snow, too.

Which must be stomped on, poked to death and thrown.

07 25 14_7475

Then there it is. The lookout.

Lonely in the clouds.

07 25 14_7476

But. In an anticlimactic sort of way…

Veni, Vidi, Vici!

Minus the Vidi part. And the Vici.

07 25 14_7478

Because, really, right there. Right. There.

Is Mount Rainier.

07 25 14_7479

Completely hidden, like we’re about to be, in the clouds.

07 25 14_7481_edited-1

But in the rocks–these cracks–just before we turn back…

07 25 14_7483

Our own Rainier.

07 25 14_7485

Left behind by someone who would not know the value of their trash. On this day.

At this moment.

07 25 14_7486_edited-1

We came to see Rainier.

07 25 14_7488_edited-1

Rainier we have seen.

07 25 14_7489_edited-1

And so it’s back into the clouds.

07 25 14_7490

With heavy footsteps through the rocks.

07 25 14_7491

And red-cold fingers sucked up into our sleeves.

07 25 14_7492

Until the sky gives reprieve and the sun begins to tease.

07 25 14_7493

And the familiar peaks we passed an hour ago…

07 25 14_7495

Fade in. Then out. Of focus.

07 25 14_7498

Here the legs are weary. The knees shaky. The stomach discontent.

But the heart…

The heart is wholly full.

07 25 14_7501


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