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Maybe it’s a form of escapism. This packing the car and heading to Mt. Rainier. To find some peace. And maybe some quiet.

Or maybe it’s just this constant itch to be outside. Where there’s more trees than people. And the air is sweeter.

No matter.

I just know that this is where I want to be.

And so I bring them with me. Husband, too. And we soak in what we can for the hours that we have.

08 03 14_7700_edited-1

We’re at Bench Lake. Or rather we’re standing by the back of the van staring at the mountain we came to see before we hit the trail to Bench Lake.


It doesn’t disappoint.

08 03 14_7702_edited-1

We’ve hiked this one before. And honestly, it hardly feels like hiking. Because it’s quick–real quick–like not-even-a-mile quick.

08 03 14_7703

Which is fine for today, because what we’ve really come to do is swim.

08 03 14_7704

With this back drop.

08 03 14_7706

And gather frog eggs…

08 03 14_7714

To look at up close.

08 03 14_7711

We’ve come to hang out in the eighty degree water until whatever snack back at the car has more appeal than collecting twigs and swatting flies.

08 03 14_7713

Sometimes we stop to stare beyond the trees.

08 03 14_7715

And sometimes we put our heads down and keep track of where our feet are going.

08 03 14_7717

And sometimes…

Sometime we just burn rubber down the trail.

Because we can.

08 03 14_7718


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