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This is the one. This hike.

Where…if you’re into beauty with every step your tennis shoe takes, and if catching glimpses of a waterfall on the switchbacks motivates you to keep climbing the rocky stairs, then getting on the trail to Comet Falls in Mount Rainier National Park is where you want to be.

On any day.

On Friday, the chance of rain here was 20%. Which when translated, was 100%.

But rain, when you’re headed to a waterfall, isn’t the deterrent that rain and cloud cover are when you’re headed to the top of a peak to see Mt. Rainier.

The destination here is just as incredible. Soaking wet. Or dry.

08 15 14_7840

It’s 59 degrees as we begin. And we’ve got all sorts of clothes hanging on or off us.

08 15 14_7841

Here just minutes in, is the bridge that looks down to Christine Falls. If we squint in the direction Husband is looking, we can see the people on the road below looking up at us.

08 15 14_7842

Lots of hikers on this trail today. Even some who make it possible for us to all be in the same frame.

08 15 14_7845

As we continue, it’s green. And rocky. And, ahem, darn good exercise.

08 15 14_7851

Only after a few minutes of  that, ain’t nobody wanting a sweatshirt anywhere but around his waist.

08 15 14_7853

At some points, the way is a bit steeper. But the path is worn. And nobody says you have to sprint the thing.

08 15 14_7856

The switchbacks and wet rocks finally bring us to this crossing.

08 15 14_7859

This isn’t Comet Falls…yet.

But try to tell these two.

08 15 14_7861

Or rather, this one, who clearly will not be hiking back with dry shoes.

08 15 14_7864

This. Is Comet Falls.

Three hundred and twenty feet high.

It’s just 200 feet beyond the bridge we just crossed. And 1.8 miles from the trailhead.

08 15 14_7882

The trail continues to Van Trump Park, which is another mile in.

08 15 14_7867

We’re just headed a few more switchbacks in. Because looking at the waterfall from here is like staring at a wall calendar.

08 15 14_7868

Much like this could be looking for Waldo.

08 15 14_7871

Now bout this time, all the clothing comes back on. Because what isn’t making us stronger, is certainly making us wetter.

08 15 14_7874

Good thing we’re smiling in this one.

08 15 14_7873

Now, if the backs of our pants weren’t dripping and if our fingertips weren’t red and barely bending, we’d have stayed a little longer.

08 15 14_7876

But it’s time to follow this one back.

08 15 14_7880

And gasp at how this one grew older in just two hours.


08 15 14_7881

Doing our job now to lighten the back pack.

08 15 14_7883

And wash our shoes a second time.

08 15 14_7887

Then it isn’t long before we’re hearing the traffic from below…

08 15 14_7888

And we’re turning our back a final time on the trailhead sign and reminiscing already about one amazing rainy day.

08 15 14_7889


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