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“Pat,” he says. He is beaming. “That lady’s name is Pat.”

We are pushing a cart past the ground beef and the pork chops in Costco, but I follow my boy’s finger and notice a woman bent in half over the muffin rack.

“Pat,” he says again. He clamors onto the front of the cart and smiles. His shoulders hunch like he’s going to explode with a secret. “I saw it on her name tag,” he says, “ P-A-T.”

I realize I am straining to see more than the backside of a woman whose precious name tag may say Pat. Someone’s grandma, perhaps. Someone whose name is so simple that even my boy, my boy who has ached to read and who still aches to read on his own could sound out its letters. And find joy.

Such simple, simple joy.

My boy’s eyes are still singing when he whispers, “It’s such a cute name.” And though we are aisles away, he lets it roll off his tongue again. “Pat.”


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  1. Linda H says:

    I’m so happy for Si!! For some of us reading is difficult. This small achievement will boast his ego and give him more confidence. Way to go Silas!!

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