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We did not see him for an hour. In which time he’d found a drill, enough screws and scrap boards to rejuvenate his yardsale skateboard into…

Into this.

01 16 16_2923

And then because it had been raining the entire day except for these four minutes and because the size of his eyes convinced us all that we had to uncurl from whatever comfortable spot we’d had on the couch or untie the apron from around our waist and toss it on the counter, it all ended up like this. A sister. A rope. And a brother with a grand idea.

01 16 16_2916_edited-1

From the stop sign to the driveway…

01 16 16_2920

She pedaled and he wahooed.

01 16 16_2921

And it went like this…pedal, wahoo…

01 16 16_2922

Pedal, wahoo!

01 16 16_2918

Until her legs couldn’t turn another stroke and his knee caps were vibrated clean through and the rain…the rain had returned.

But… (their faces tell me)…

Today ain’t got nothin’ on tomorrow.

01 16 16_2919


2 Responses to “When Six Wheels is a Party”

  1. Jackie says:

    I’m betting he used some of the screws he got for Christmas…and the hammer, and the nails, maybe even some of the cool duct tape.
    I’m telling ya…he’s the next TREEHOUSE MASTER. This little guy is going to build great things.

  2. Kristen says:

    Oh, joy! Oh, joy! This brings back sweet memories of thunking a plywood scrap on top of my brother’s skateboard and all the siblings (5 of us all told) taking turns bike-hauling each other up and down our street. We called it road-rolling. Our contraption was never as fancy — or safe — as your boy’s perfect creation. But oh, my, did we have fun. S & R will never forget this, thankfully.

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