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Tea for Two

They want to know if they can have a tea party.

And at my nod, they are squirreling away for the tiny chairs and the tiny table and hauling a stool to the bookshelf where the even tinier tea set has waited a year or more to be remembered. And here one of them totters in socks on top of the stool and then passes the tea pot down to the one holding his breath and his arms above his head.

And then, as if on script–from the first tea party to this one and to every one in the middle–she whispers something into his ear–and the two of them beat feet upstairs, like they’ve been called to dessert. Gone are all signs of her pajama pants that hung like old balloons at the knees and his orange shirt that hadn’t had hope of making it on the right way today.

Because in six or seven minutes, we’re filling reservations for two in fine dining. He is sitting at the table, voluntarily, in a button down, better than we could do at Christmas. And already she is fixing his collar and adjusting her hat. And though nobody notices, I am backing away under-dressed in yesterday’s sweats and last decade’s sweatshirt.

01 28 16_3467

He has never been happier to see shortbread on a plate.

01 28 16_3464

Nor she to sit across from his ever-moving shadow.

01 28 16_3468

For thirty minutes they agree on most things. The flavor of the tea. Whether the tea is hot enough or just right. That we should have enchiladas for dinner. How soft the cat is.

And I listen to childhood, as it were, in the clinking cups, the oopsies, the savored nibbles, the hiccups from laughing so hard and small talk.

I’m privy to her pinky finger as she sips her once-warm tea and to his straw strategy as he wins the non-award for tea-drinking efficiency.

01 28 16_3469

And I realize I wouldn’t–I simply wouldn’t–want to be anywhere else but right here. Fully present in this moment.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Great blog. Something about kids and tea parties…the just go together like tea and krumpets.

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