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South for Tulips

Because the crowds tend to gravitate north in search of their tulips, we went south to find ours. To Mossyrock. The place that people ask you to say twice to be sure they heard you right. “Mossyrock?” Then they shake their heads. “Never heard of it.”

Because…where’s Mossyrock?

Well. Despite Mossyrock being right off Washington’s Highway 12, you gotta be deliberate to get there, passing other tiny towns on Highway 7 that show up as specks on the map, places like Elbe and Morton.

And even then, if you’re not looking out the window, there’s a chance you could miss Mossyrock’s tulip field.

But we found it. Waiting for us, as it were, on Saturday’s overcast morning.

04 09 16_4018

Rows and rows of tulips.

04 09 16_3971

Pinks and yellows.

04 09 16_4014

Yellows and purples.

04 09 16_3947


04 09 16_3946

All of them waving in invitation for us to join them.

04 09 16_3952

And when it’s this pretty…

04 09 16_3975

This solitary…

04 09 16_3953

This exquisite…

04 09 16_3967

The soul’s desire is to be among the flowers. To walk the rows in admiration.

04 09 16_3942

To pause at the ones unmasked in the crowd…

04 09 16_3958

And think, “God, you are the coolest.”

04 09 16_3972

To bend and sniff tulip after tulip and claim with wide eyes that they smell delicious, a title reserved, perhaps, for roses or lilacs or lillies. But that hardly matters.

04 09 16_3965

Our thrill is being right here, in these rows, immersed in God’s painting, in his pinks and reds…

04 09 16_4033

His whites…

04 09 16_3957

And his confetti.

04 09 16_3979

It’s as if in the stillness of the flower bed God is whispering, “I love you.”

04 09 16_4046

Which is why our hearts already have plans to come back. To Mossyrock.

04 09 16_3954

That place where tulips grow on Highway 12 and where the soul has room to soar.

04 09 16_3977



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