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Almost Tulips

We hadn’t intentionally driven an hour to Mossyrock to buy another cactus to put in the kitchen window sill.

Until we had.

In fact, one of us happily parted with even more of his lawn mowing cash when he found succulents and lilies and things with pretty leaves that he couldn’t live without.

The rest of us came for the tulips.

The rows of reds and pinks…

Which ended up being the only rows of color in full bloom.

Because a record amount of rain will do that. Delay even the tulips.

Even so, it’s hard to be unhappy when the sun is shining.

Hard to walk the length of the rows…

And not feel like you could be here forever.

Because there’s a certain freedom in the flower fields.

A refreshing of the soul.

A depth of gratitude for this day. This moment.

These three.

And maybe that’s why we come. To experience more than flowers.

And cramped knees.

We come to hit the reset button on family.

And to breathe in a glimpse of all God painted behind us.

Not every photo should be shared.

Or every song.

But hope.




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  1. Brenda says:

    Ah! De Geode’s! We used to live about 8 miles west of there, and visited regularly! Beautiful!! I love this place, and your stories and photos!

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