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Maui in the Rain

Since October, we’ve wondered if the sun might ever shine again in western Washington.

Or the rain have mercy.

And it’s happened. Just twice.

Which means we’ve borne witness to the wettest winter on record. And the palest skin on anybody. Yay.

So. It’d seem we’re checking out of this state ’cause we’re near to losing our minds without the sun. But really we’re on our way to Maui because we’d planned this trip a year ago. Even a sunburn in 86 degree weather sounds like a good time.

Here’s our teensy Nissan Versa, which almost holds all of us, our bags and the food we bought at Costco.

And this is our fifth floor view and what’s left of Friday night’s sunshine.

This is what I smiled at a moment before the football in husband’s hands got launched, fell short of our railing and nailed the window of the fourth floor unit. Ack.

Bananas. Just hangin’ there.

Produce. With more numbers after the dollar sign than we’re used to.

Last week I bought these same yellow onions for $.29/lb. My aunt Nancy who lived in Walla Walla in the thick of the onion fields would still be shaking her head.

These are west Maui’s Saturday clouds.

Which confusingly could be Seattle’s clouds, as they’re heavy and wet. And have plans to dump for the next 48 hours.

Which doesn’t mean that we can’t stand here with our bare feet in the sand and still appreciate that we’re in Hawaii.

But we might be the only ones out here…

Waiting for the waves…

To soak every last bit of our clothes.

At this point, these guys aren’t gettin’ any wetter.

And they couldn’t be happier with all this sand to themselves.

Found a Saturday’s farmer’s market outside of Lahaina a ways. Just a few folks selling their homemade and homegrown goodies. Money well-spent.

But. It rained even more in Lahaina. At which time we saw our first person wearing a heavy coat zipped up to his chin.


The banyan tree of banyan trees in downtown Lahaina.

Dodging puddles en route to our parking spot.

Saturday night, it was resolved that we had come to Hawaii to play on the beach in any weather.

At least two of us had.

And so while every other person on Maui was anywhere but at the beach…


Troy and I pulled the brims of our hats down further and wrapped every towel we brought with us, around us…

While the wind blew the rain sideways, the sun stayed away, and these guys dug in the sand.

Sigh. Welcome to Sunday.

This is what Seattle might look like with palm trees.

Still raining in the evening, but running in the rain on the beach beats sitting in a chair with your swim trunks on watching it rain.


Signs of life.

Ah…and look at that. A little hope.


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