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About Me

My name is Jeanne–pronounced like it’s got an ‘i’ in there somewhere at the end.  And…

I’ve got two kids–eight and five–who’ve changed the way I see most things in life.  Or have certainly enhanced my perception.  Probably ought to give my husband credit for that, too.  I can’t always remember my age these days, but I can tell you that despite all the cleaners on the market that remove markers from the walls and paint from the carpet, baking soda and water and what’s left of my right bicep actually do the best for me.  I remember writing in a high school paper that I wanted to be a life-long learner.  My children have been  superb at keeping me on track.  Where time is concerned, I’ve lost more of mine looking for a beloved blue binky than most people spend waiting at stoplights…in their life.  And sleep–heh heh…I have dreamt of a full eight hours…and it was divine.  I remember my ordinary life before kids–just barely–and am in the process now of forgiving myself for ever thinking I was busy, decent at multi-tasking, remotely organized or tired–ha ha–tired.   Here’s what happens these days. I invite you along!


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Norma corona says:

    I love reading your stories Jeanne. Miss you a lot, you were a big impact & influence when I was going through struggles. I have been taking my kids to the library more often because I want them to know the importance of literature. I will continue reading all your fun adventures. Love you lots Norma

  2. jeanne says:

    oh, sweet Norma. I miss you, too! Just reading your kind words gives me a smile I can’t wipe away. Love you much!

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